Appleseed (2004)

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Appleseed (2004)

Release Date: 04/17/2004 (JP)

Original Language    :    Japanese
Release Date    :    04/17/2004 (JP)
Genre    :    Animation, Action, Science Fiction
Time    :    01 Hours 41 Minutes
Budget    :    $10,000,000.00
Revenue    :    $1,461,989.00

Movie: Appleseed (2004)[11633] In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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Written by Andres Gomez on December 14, 2012
Crappy stereotypical story, bad and cheesy dialogues and an animation that shows some quality when representing non living characters: people have not facial expression whatsoever.

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